“MadeByYou Sam pomaluj ceramikę” pottery painting studio information

1. Please do not destroy MadeByYou pottery painting Studio design elements and artistic aid. Responsible for any damage to people who have done it.

2. Please do not waste paints and do not throw out the waste into the sink.

3. Please do not take bottles of paint from the table with the paint on the tables.

4. If you bring your own materials to MadeByYou studio (eg brushes, stamps, templates, books) promptly notify the studio staff.

5. During the Birthday parties for children in the studio should stay an adult responsible for all participants.

6. Children are not allowed to run in studio because of their safety.

7. MadeByYou do not take responsibility for persons going outside of the Studio to the courtyard (patio). Please also note that, in accordance with the guidelines of the administration building, people on the patio can not destroy the green, walk on the rocks and fall into the water element.

8. The work done or not finished MadeByYou are hold for 1 months. After this time (as long as works are still in possession of the MadeByYou) we charge fee of 20 zł / pcs. for safekeeping.

9.  During the booked meetings, each participant paints at least one ceramic form. In the event that the person does not paint, we charge a fee of PLN 40. During an unregistered visit, when one ceramic form is painted by more than 2 persons, we charge an additional fee of PLN 20 / person. Unfinished works can be completed within 1 month only during 1 visit to the studio. If you need more visits to finish the work – each time a fee of 20 pln is charged for 1 piece of ceramics.

10. Studio is not responsible for items left on its premises.

11. If the additional clarification regarding these information please turn this to the MadeByYou staff .