Clean your hand as not to grease the ceramics.

  Choose your ceramics form and imagine what you would like to paint on it. In our studio we have more than 80 ceramic forms for painting: mugs, sugarbowls, tiles, vases, bowls, plates, figurines… and other

   You can use ready pattern-designs, books, stamps available in the studio.

      Put paints to container and wear an apron

    Take the paintbrush

     Start painting!

  After a few days you can pick-up your work ready for use

Non-toxic colors suitable for children!

It is enough for you to visit us and we will turn on your imagination! And there’s always someone close by to give you a hand if you need help.

In our shop, you’ll enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in which to decorate your own ceramics from scratch. Some patterns are easier to paint, if they’re sketched in with pencil first.

Your piece will be glazed and placed in the kiln on the same day and can be picked up in agreed time.

There’s something for everyone.
Have no fear; it’s really easy.
Anyone can do it…in his own special way.