Do I need to make a reservation, or can I just show up?

You’re welcome any time during store hours without reservation, with certain exceptions:
– You’re coming with a large group.
– You’re having a party.
– In the festive seasons.
In these cases, it’s best to call (531 935 135) ahead or write e-mail joanna@madebyyou.pl and reserve a place(s).

On Saturdays, individuals can use the studio without reservations (and it there are free places, they can paint ceramics) or  they can book places. Information how to do this is here: https://www.madebyyou.pl/en/reservations/

People who come to MadeByYou for the first time on Saturdays and without a reservation, please come at: 11, 1.30 p.m or 4 p.m. During these hours we give instruction how to paint.

We have 28 places in the studio. 

We do not make reservations on Saturday for the Saturday. You can do it by Friday at the latest

How much does it cost?
You only pay for the raw ceramic. Everything else – paints, glazes and firing also a painting lesson – is included in the price.
How long does pottery painting take?

Depending on the pattern, you might want to plan on approximately1,5-2 hours per piece.  It include: instrucion, painting and cleaning the table after the work. Please do not spend more than 2 horus on Saturdays.

How long before I can pick up my finished piece?
Within few days, you can pick up your glazed and fired work. We make sure the work is completed as soon as possible.
How long you keep my painted pottery?

1 month. After that period, if we still have your work you have to pay 20pln/1pottery.

Is Bisque dishwasher safe?
Fine lines can appear in the glaze, but only on places that are unpainted. If you’re sure to paint the entire piece (be it white or a light colored primer), you’ll have no problem washing the pieces in the dishwasher.
Can I pay Visa card?
Yes, you can