Pre-booking can be made by phone or in person.
When booking, please tell us your expected number of guests. The MadeByYou organize birthday parties for children aged 7 years.
Final number of guests must be notified at least one day prior to the event.
Please pay us a deposit of 50 zł within the next 3 business days. Payment can be made in person or by bank transfer. Amount paid is non-refundable.

Birthday costs

Payment is only for a ceramic (ceramic form x number of children)..
During the birthday each child paint the ceramic form (with a value of at least 45 PLN). If someone of the participants do not want to paint we charge him 45 PLN. At the end of the painting it is possible to do an additional 1 work by all children .
We do not charge fees for booking places.
We reserve sitting places only for people who are painting during the Birthday party (not the whole studio). We do not reserve seats for parents. During the party in the room should stay parent or adult who reserve the party. During the party can be other pottery painting customers in studio.

How long is the event

Please be on time.
Birthday party lasts up to 2 hours.
Pottery painting time depends on the age of the children, their involvement in the course of doing their work and techniques they use. It takes about 1-1.5 hours.
Then the work is taken by staff and it is possible to have a cake. Parents may bring cake and drinks. Cups, disposable plates, etc. bring the parents.
Please do not run in the studio or in the courtyard of the building during the party.
Tables are ready for you 10 minutes earlier before the party.
Works created during the party are fired and you can pick them up after about a week.
We ask that children be taken by parents no later than 2 hours.


We invite schools and kindergartens for painting ceramics. The subjects, techniques and ceramic forms are adjusted to the age and individual needs of the participants.
Classes are also held in the morning. Please contact:, tel. 531 935 135


In our studio even the youngest can paint! We put feet and hands of children on the ceramic. There are beautiful and lasting keepsakes for parents and grandparents.